Teacher Confessions

I'm linking up with my friend Jennifer, over at Rowdy in First Grade for some Teacher Confessions....

  1. The same thing happened last year - I plowed through our reading curriculum and now we get to actually have some fun, literature-based lessons.  Right now we're doing an ecology/rainforest unit and studying the Great Kapok Tree.  We are loving it! 
  2. Since I'm good to go on our standards and have things copied and prepped for the rest of the year, I haven't written anything in my plan book.  Ooops.  In my defense, I did go through my weekly newsletters to double check what I had told parents we were learning and wrote that down in my book for last month.  So I don't look like a complete slacker.  
  3. I asked my ESL aide to count Box Tops today.  No, he didn't work with children.  He counted Box Tops.  Priorities, people ;)
  4. I have 4 weeks until the end of the year, but I have already started packing for my move to Maui.  I have to pack an entire classroom and a house, people! At my old school, we were required to wait to pack until the last week.  Not here.  It's packing time.  Maybe I'll have the kids help :)
  5. I stopped spelling because I don't actually think memorizing words and giving tests actually helps kids learn to spell.  And I hate grading those tests.  Instead, we are learning root words this quarter.  The kids are loving the change, so I think it's a win.
  6. I also despise timed math tests.  After going to a Singapore Math workshop a few months ago, I was validated in that.  I ordered the Math Sprints book on Amazon and it took foreeeeeeevvvveeer to get here.  But, it's here, and the kids love it.  They love beating their own scores! And I don't grade anything, or write it down.  I love it. 
  7. We just finished reading Charlotte's Web and we did comprehension questions after every chapter and also a culminating project.  These past few days, we watched the movie - just because I wanted a break.  That's ok, right?  One of my sweeties wrote me a card for Teacher Appreciation that said "I love that you let us watch movies."  This is not a regular occurrence! SMH. 
  8. I'm loving my economy system this quarter and fining kids for not listening, not doing what they are supposed to be, talking in line, and many other things! They are finally motivated! 
  9. My observation is on Friday.  My first one of the year.  In the last month of school.  I'm not excited. 
  10. Even though I know moving is going to be better for my family and for my career, I will honestly miss the community and my students on Lanai.  I am hoping to keep a good relationship with my friends here and visit often! I'll only be on the next island over. 
What are your confessions? Surely you are a little like me? No? Humor me, please! 


  1. I soooo agree about spelling! We want them to be able to spell, not memorize for a test. Root words are such a better approach! (There is research to back this up!)

    I'm reading Charlotte's Web right now, and hope to show the movie... Comparing and Contrasting is an important skill. Plus, I always like to prove the book is always better than the movie!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I've started to pack too. I don't want to wait until last minute! And spelling tests=pain in the butt! So happy you linked up!
    Rowdy in First Grade