May's Bright Idea

I'm joining the Bright Ideas link-up again!

This month, I'm bringing you a Bright Idea about packing your classroom.  Some of you may know, that I have accepted a 1st grade position at a school in Maui.  So our family will be ordering containers, packing our house and packing my classroom at the end of this month. I'm here with a Bright Idea for May!

I'm a teacher-a-holic and own way too much of my classroom materials than I should.

To help pack, store, and transport my posters, I use one of those tri-fold bulletin boards.  I taped it together and it is the best!

I keep my posters in these narrow drawers throughout the year so I have easy access.

But then as I'm ready to move - I taped together a science fair display board and turned it into a poster holder.  I've had this for 8 years and it's still going strong.  Its easy and thin enough to store behind some stuff in my closet.

Do you need poster storage? Or are you moving schools like me and don't want your posters ruined?

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  1. So smart! I have moved my classroom EVERY year I have taught (that's 18!) and never thought of this! This is the first year staying in the same room. I am so excited:) Good luck on the move.

    Tammy from The Resourceful Apple

    1. Wow!! That's a lot of moving! Congrats on getting to stay put :)

  2. I love this idea! I use something similar for my poster storage, but mine is starting to fall apart. I will have to pick up one these to use from now on. :)
    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

  3. How many posters do you think you can store inside of this?