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1. Over this past year, we have had so much fun living on the Pineapple Island

2. My husband and I got scuba certified last spring, which was such a fun experience.  We actually went scuba diving for my birthday a couple weekends ago!

3. In February, I froze my butt off traveled to Ohio to meet up with some of my blogging besties.  It was so much fun!

4. We sold our house in Oregon, which was bittersweet, but also was a little liberating.

5. In September, I ran the Spartan Race in Oahu with the best team!  It was so hard and I'm so proud that I finished!

6. We also swam with Galapagos sharks on the North Shore!  That's me in the pink bottoms in the lower right of the cage.  There were sharks all around us!

7. I got my first tattoo. I know, I'm hardcore now ;) It's of my favorite flower, the plumeria, which stands for "perfection" in Hawaiian patterns and motifs.  The scrolly things off of the flower actually spell out Lanai.  My friend designed it for me, which makes it even more special!  And yes, it hurt like hell.

8. I got to travel to Maui and Honolulu a couple times and to Kona for work conferences over the past year.  I enjoyed connecting with other teachers across the state and learning new tricks to hone my craft of teaching!  And then in September I got to see The Sisters present again, while meeting up with some other amazing teachers and Hawaiian bloggers!

9. We had some awesome visitors over the past year.  I love getting to show off our new home!  Here are my kiddos and my parents walking down to a secret, natural pool outside Hana, Maui during fall break.

10. My mother in law came to visit for spring break and we went to the Disney Aulani resort.  So so so fun! 

11. I had the opportunity to foster some of the best friendships ever!  My Lanai friends are easy-going, kind-hearted, and hilarious!  We go to the beach, relax, craft, and just have fun together.  No obligations and no expectations.  They are the best!

12. I got to stay in 2nd grade and am in love with my room decor!  I worked hard over the summer making DIY projects, painting bookshelves, and organizing junk.  I found health curriculum from the 70's and worksheets from the 80's!  Yikes!  But thankfully, my room is finally clean, organized, and bright - just the way I like it!

13. I became a sports mom!  Audrey took gymnastics lessons and Nathan played t-ball and football!  It is soooo much work coordinating all those schedules while also working full time!  I commend all the moms who do this!  Here we are, playing a game in Maui.

So that's it!  My favorite highlights from the year!  I feel so blessed to live this life and be able to share it with all of you.  To say thank you and Merry Christmas, I am making my Schedule Cards FREE for today and tomorrow.  I hope you are able to use them!  

Merry Christmas from my ohana to yours! :)

This is my last week of school for 2013 and it's a full one!

For reading, we are traveling around the world with Globe Trotting Scott

This week, we are using Lynsdey's pack to travel to Uganda, Australia, Mexico, and the US, along with throwing in the Philippines and Hawaii from my two units:

During writing workshop, I am finishing up my DRA testing, so the kids get to do some fun Common Core aligned projects!

Parts of speech practice from Kelley:

Narrative writing from Jamie:

Some Polar Express fun from Tonya:

And some persuasive writing from Hope:

During math we are finishing up our chapter on double digit addition with regrouping.  We are doing Blair's fun activities in our math journals:

Along with that, our classroom elf, Sam, will be having some fun with passing out nice notes and maybe some more coal! (Find this is the same pack of Hope's that I linked above!)  We'll be writing nice notes to each other, and having a pajama day with the Polar Express on Friday!
Our elf arrived from the North Pole.

His first hiding spot, high up on a bookshelf.

Some kids weren't really listening last week, so Sam the elf told Santa to send them coal.

It's really rice krispie treats made with Cocoa Krispies.

Luckily Sam left a letter telling the kids to be better.  I *think* it worked!

We've also been using Susan's bucket-filler type stockings.  It's so fun to get sweet letters!

What are you up to this week?

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I teamed up with my favorite Hawaiian teacher bloggers to bring you a special giveaway!

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I'm linking up with Hope King's super fun All I Want For Christmas linky!

I would love a new iPhone 5.

Some scuba equipment, since hubby and I got certified last spring and haven't dived since!

I like to sit in bed to do school stuff and blogging, so I think an upholstered headboard would be really nice!

A Nutri Bullet for my morning shakes.
A Hawaii Home book - I gotta figure some stuff out, like the fact that my leather purses will mold if kept in a plastic container.  Oops!!

Some pretty, bright-colored pillow covers for my living room.  I've been slowly updating our decor to be more in line with bright Hawaiian colors and motifs.  These would be perfect!

Anything Roxy, Ripcurl, Volcom, or Billabong.  I love surfer girl style!  I should probably learn how to surf, huh?

I think this would make a very cute, beachy school bag!
I don't actually need any of this stuff, but a girl can wish, right?  I'm actually feeling really blessed with life right now.  I'm healthy, have a happy and healthy family, and we live in beautiful Hawaii!  If all I got were salt dough ornaments from the kids, I would be happy! :)

What would you put on your ultimate wish list?