Last week of 2013!

This is my last week of school for 2013 and it's a full one!

For reading, we are traveling around the world with Globe Trotting Scott

This week, we are using Lynsdey's pack to travel to Uganda, Australia, Mexico, and the US, along with throwing in the Philippines and Hawaii from my two units:

During writing workshop, I am finishing up my DRA testing, so the kids get to do some fun Common Core aligned projects!

Parts of speech practice from Kelley:

Narrative writing from Jamie:

Some Polar Express fun from Tonya:

And some persuasive writing from Hope:

During math we are finishing up our chapter on double digit addition with regrouping.  We are doing Blair's fun activities in our math journals:

Along with that, our classroom elf, Sam, will be having some fun with passing out nice notes and maybe some more coal! (Find this is the same pack of Hope's that I linked above!)  We'll be writing nice notes to each other, and having a pajama day with the Polar Express on Friday!
Our elf arrived from the North Pole.

His first hiding spot, high up on a bookshelf.

Some kids weren't really listening last week, so Sam the elf told Santa to send them coal.

It's really rice krispie treats made with Cocoa Krispies.

Luckily Sam left a letter telling the kids to be better.  I *think* it worked!

We've also been using Susan's bucket-filler type stockings.  It's so fun to get sweet letters!

What are you up to this week?

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  1. I'm definitely living vicariously through you for some primary grades in my life. I think that's one thing I miss about being in primary -- the fun cutesy projects to do with kids. Oh state testing stresses. Good luck on your last week (all the way from O`ahu!)