If you are like me, you are starting to plan for 2015.  What better way to get started than to get your actual planner ready!

I have used planners from A Modern Teacher for 2 years now and I won't go back to the cheap-o store bought ones.  Customization is the way to go!

My first year using April's planners, I got the chevron planner.  I had the Rainbow Chalkboard classroom theme from Schoolgirl Style.  I loved the colors and all the editable organization.

This year I used the Happy Day planner.  I switched up my theme this year and went for the Eric Carle-esque Bugs theme, but I still loved the rainbow and happy colors of Happy Day.  It's so me! 

I have a big surprise (that I've already shared on my FB page!) - I'm moving to 5th grade next year! And I'm moving to our neighborhood school where my kids go.  I'm so excited for a shorter commute and for the kids and I to be together.  But that's all a different blog post! :)

My new school is an arts-integrated school so I was thinking about what theme I could use that would still be bright and fun, a little more grown up, and also artistic.  I found these folders at the Target Dollar Spot (woot woot! Maui has a Target now!) and I loved the colors and watercolor technique.

So imagine my giddy delight when Melanie came out with a watercolor classroom theme and April came out with a matching teacher planner! Next year I plan to use the new Flamingo Watercolor theme.  While I pack my classroom and get ready to move this summer, I can't really do much in terms of room decor yet.  But I can start getting my planner ready! 

I decided to print out the pages that I know for sure I will want.  I put them in page protectors for now and hope to get them coil bound at OfficeMax closer to the start of the year.  But, I may just keep them in the protectors and write with Vis-a-vis markers on them.  We'll see! 

Hawaii's new evaluation system has a section where teachers need to provide evidence of professional development.  The sheet on the left with come in super handy while filling that all out.  And I loved the sheet on the right for keeping track of classroom purchases for tax purposes.  And as documentation for me to know when enough is enough! 

I keep my gradebook pages on a clipboard so they are easy to cart around with me.  At the end of the quarter, I staple them together and file them for safe keeping.  I do need to turn in my gradebook at the end of the year, so I'll hole punch the sheets and put them in a 3-pronged folder.  Super simple. 

And of course, I needed 5th grade standards! Which reminds me, I gotta go study these! Ahhh! 

I loved this sheet about internet usernames and passwords for the teacher and for the students.  I have so many programs that I need to keep login info for: email, attendance system, subfinder, our DOE intranet, etc.  I also love this sheet for the kids.  I keep the student passwords on my computer and made cards for the kids.  But they lose those cards, then I have to look it up on my computer.  This sheet will make it easy to look up in a flash. 

I'm also loving this post-it note landing spot.  How many times have you written a post-it note full of important information, just to misplace it? It's happened to me more times than I can count! Now they have a spot.  I'm so excited!

April has 26 different planners in her shop! There's sure to be one that fits your classroom theme and your personal style!

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog! For my Bright Idea today, I'm sharing with you how I store my classroom iPads.  My class is lucky enough to have 7 iPads! But since I only have up to 6 students in my reading and math groups, one of them is designated as a teacher iPad and the other 6 are for students to use.  

My organization trick is easy - a plastic mail organizer! 

Students place the iPad in one of the little slots that were made to hold mail, then they find a free cord and charge it. Easy! 

Can you follow the yellow arrow to find where I keep it?  

This particular mail organizer I got at Staples.  But you could get them at any big box store.   

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