Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Starting tomorrow is a big sitewide sale at Teachers Pay Teachers! 

I'll be participating in the sale and have been working my little hiney off getting some new units uploaded.

First up is a fun game to help teach sound blending: Dino-Mite Sound Blending.  I teach the lowest achieving students in the grade level during reading groups and I have one group of 3 little ones who REALLY needed this! The arrows and dots under the sounds have really helped them because they slide their fingers under the letters as they blend.  It has really stopped their robot, sound-by-sound blending and has helped them blend smoothly.  I'll definitely be making more products like this in different themes to help reinforce this skill as I move back down to 1st grade next year!

Next up is a fun book companion for the Hawaiian story Maka the Magic Music Maker.  It includes vocabulary cards and definitions, informational articles with questions, comprehension pages, and a writing project.  This would be perfect for an end of the year luau theme!

This is one I am so excited to finally have finished - Getting Started With the Writing Process!  I've been using the Writing Process clip-chart all year and have been slowly adding more ideas to the unit as the year has gone on.  I am confident you will find ideas for teaching Common Core writing through the writing process! The standards are aligned to 2nd grade and I hope to have 1st and 3rd grade versions up soon!

This unit, May Day is Lei Day, I actually taught last week and just didn't have time to get it ready for my TpT store until this weekend.  BUT, if you are wanting to do a luau theme for your end of hte year, it would be perfect! Learn how Hawaiians celebrate May Day, learn about the official flowers of the islands, and make paper leis! 

My last one is another product I've been using all year in my classroom and i finally got it all ready for you! It's a Classroom Jobs Chart.  You'll find 2 different sizes of cards, one for a pocket chart and one to attach to library pockets.  You'll also find 7 different color options for you.  You can choose one or mix-and-match: white, rainbow stripe, pink, green, orange, blue, or purple.  I've also included an editable file to help you create student picture cards or name cards. 

I told you I've been busy! These new units, as well as the rest of my store will be on sale for May 6th and 7th.  Don't forget to use the code TPTXO for an additional 10% off! Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

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