Last weekend my little princess graduated from preschool!  She still has one more year before she can go to kindergarten, but her preschool allows all children to participate in the graduation each year.  This is her second year participating! Luckily, we saved her cap and gown and only had to buy a new tassel.  So adorable!
Here she is with her Graduation Barbie.  I actually got that Barbie as a gift from my high school graduation.  Her sash says "2000 Graduate".  I found her at my moms house last summer and let Audrey play with her.  She insisted on bringing Barbie to the graduation since they matched!

Each parent created a poster for their child that was displayed during the graduation.  Two of my girl friends helped me create Audrey's one night.  My dining room table was cluttered with scrapbook paper, my Cricut, pictures of Audrey, and of course wine.  We had a blast!

The graduation was super hero themed this year.  The cafeteria was decorated with masks the kids made, along with other super hero themed crafts.

I designed the programs with clipart from and the font BD Cartoon Shout.  Those kids are perfect because they look like preschoolers with big heads :)

Last year, we learned that graduations are a huge deal in Hawaii.  We were unprepared for this and brought nothing with us.  Then we found out that the parents adorn all the kids with leis made from yarn, ribbon flowers, even candy! This year, we were not about to come empty handed! I needed something the kids would like, yet easy since we are moving and I'm finishing out the school year in my own classroom, as well.  

I ended up with rubber ducky leis! 

I bought the duckies and leis on Amazon.
Click here to see on Amazon
Click here to see on Amazon

I cut out sun-shaped tags on my Cricut.  Then I tied the ducky and tag to the lei with some present-wrapping ribbon and curled the ends with my scissor blade.  They were easy to hand out at the graduation and the kids all now have a cute graduation ducky to play with in the bathtub or at the beach! 

Does your school do end of the year celebrations? Maybe you can use this idea for a graduate you know!


  1. Love the picture with her/your Barbie!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Your daughter is such a cutie!!! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy learning about Hawaiian culture from your blog.