Integrated ELD

Some colleagues and I visited an amazing school today in Salem, Oregon: Myers Elementary.  They have been integrating their ELD instruction into the regular subjects instead of doing a 30 minute pull-out model like my school currently does.  My district recently cut all ESL teachers, forcing us to jump into this integrated model a bit faster than we had anticipated.  I really do believe that ELD integration is the way to go: teaching students ways to explain their thinking that they will use all day long, instead of isolated skills that are only applicable to ELD time.

Here are some pictures I snapped while at Myers today.  Notice the use of anchor charts, sentence frames, and OCDE Project GLAD® strategies.

A kindergarten room - working on making observations

CAFE writing board in kindergarten

CAFE reading board in kindergarten

Character trait anchor chart in kindergarten

Words to know by heart

Harder heart words

2nd grade room - Writing is kind to readers/ Reading is kind to writers!

2nd grade CAFE board - love the wooden letters! 
2nd grade teacher filling out a KWL, but instead of "Know" it's "What I think I know"
1st grade CAFE board - no robot reading!

ea anchor chart

Bossy e anchor chart

Academic sentence frames for the calendar area

Teaching inference with nursery rhymes

More inference with nursery rhymes

Good Writers anchor chart

Writing stages anchor chart
More anchor charts

"Beautiful Beginnings" and "Terrific Transitions"

Author's Purpose anchor chart
Systematic ELD anchor charts - telling time

Word Work bags

Systematic ELD strategy - Turn and talk

More observations - but supported with sentence frames

Math Workshop - kind of like a CAFE board

3rd grade CAFE board with Daily 5 rotations below on the magnetic boards

Daily 5 rotations

Math activity - fractions worksheet with models

Fractions games for partner work

Math Workshop rotation chart - colors match the Math CAFE board

Sentence frames for being nice to each other!

More CAFE boards

Another way to set up a rotation schedule

Writing CAFE board with the 6 Traits

Math vocabulary cards with sentence frames

KWL for fractions

Cognitive Content Dictionary in a 4th grade room

CAFE board on a cabinet
Math Workshop rotation board
Wasn't that awesome?? They do reader's workshop, writer's workshop, and some have started using the workshop model in math.  It was a fabulous school and a great way to learn by being there.  Have you visited any great schools or classrooms lately?

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  1. Nice charts! Thanks for sharing! I think my favorites are the "words to know by heart" (ca-uuutte!), the "what I think I know" edit on the KWL chart (because, really, we have to check those elementary facts sometimes. :)) , and the sentence frames for being nice to each other. I use the "I message" (or "A Bug and a Wish" with little ones), but I like the idea of giving students frames so they can just fill in the blanks.
    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

    1. This school had so many wonderful ideas! I loved it!

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas. great!LW

  3. The two vowels walking anchor chart is wonderful! I copied it for my first graders. Thanks for the cute idea!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up, Nicole!