My Summer Bucket List

I'm linking up with April from A Modern Teacher, Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher, and Hadar from Miss Kindergarten and creating my summer bucket list - all the things I want to get done this summer!  

#1 - DIY Chore Chart for my kiddos
Via Pinterest
#2 - Explore my city and do all these fun things!
Via Alpha Mom on Pinterest
#3 - Make my daughter Audrey an Audrey Hepburn halloween costume
Via Atutudes on Pinterest
#4 - Make button magnets for my whiteboard at school
Via Big Box Detox on Pinterest
#5 - Make this paper storage rack and use it as an art drying rack
Via Cat's Creations on Pinterest
What's on your summer To-Do list?


  1. Oh the audrey hepburn dress is just too adorable! I love it!! Wish I could explore Portland with you!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Portland is the BEST in the summer! Make the trip out and we can do so many fun things! :)

  2. Saying hello from the giveaway at A Teacher's Treasure. I am a new follower.
    Suzzanne Horton

  3. Replies
    1. I'm so obsessed with it! Since my daughter's name is Audrey, she must own this!! :)

  4. love your drying rack idea...your background looks your newest follower...drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching