Math Testing Materials!

My class is almost done with the state reading test and we are gearing up to take the math test next.  They are loving singing the Four Step Method song to help them get ready for the reading test! To help my students practice for the math test, we have been using the allowable resources by my state in the classroom. If the kids don't know how to use the resources, they won't use them!  A great teacher in my building collected copies of all the allowable resources and put them in bags for students to use.  I thought this was such a great idea, however I needed to make my own so I could teach my students how to use them in the classroom as well.  Instead of using the loose sheets that were copied, I decide to make little booklets filled with the resources.  I wanted the students to be as efficient as possible, and shuffling through loose papers can be frustrating to find what you need and distracting to others who are testing next to you.

In my testing bags there is one copy of my Math Testing Resources booklet, a ruler, a protractor, and a calculator.  I numbered the math bags so they can be used year after year.  Each student in my class has a number on their student mailbox, and that is also the number they line up on in PE and the number of computer they use in the computer lab.  This way, if a calculator is missing from bag # 14, I know which student to ask to find it.

Here are the resources inside the Math Testing booklet:
  • Grid paper
  • 2-D shapes
  • 3-D shapes
  • Fraction strips
  • Multiplication table
  • Addition table
  • Number line
  • Calendar
  • Hundreds grid
  • Thermometer
  • Clock
  • Place Value chart
  • Tens Frame
  • Number words
  • Money
  • Number line
  • Blank back cover that can be used for scratch paper
For scratch paper, I have students fold a piece of blank copy paper into 1/8ths.  They can do 8 problems on one side and 8 problems on the other side.  This way they are using the resources in the booklet and bag, but they are also responsible for working it out on scratch paper.  It helps slow them down from working too fast and making silly errors.  So far, it has been helping!

When we start the test next week, students will turn in the green booklets that are currently in their bags and I will give them each a new pink one.  All scrap papers have to be shredded after the test, so I will be collecting scrap paper and booklets each day and handing out new ones the next day.  Hopefully, it will only take us 3 days to take the test, so I have 3 class sets of pink booklets ready to go.

Here is how to arrange the papers of the resource booklet to get ready to print.  The way the pages face need to alternate and set the copier to 1-2 sided printing.  Then fold the booklets in half and add a couple staples.  You can use a long armed stapler to get a really professional look.  I just used a regular one because I was lazy and in a hurry!

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