Recyclable Organization!

I use cooperative groups with shared supplies in my classroom. Not only does this help students learn to share and get along with many different people, it also facilitates speaking and listening.

In the center of my tables I have these baskets from Really Good Stuff.  I've had them for 6 years now and they are still going strong!
However, after 6 years of having a primary color rainbow theme, I'm going to spray paint them for my new bright color theme for next year.  I haven't done that yet, so I'll be back with a tutorial of how it's done.

Inside these caddies, I keep pencils, scissors, and glue bottles.  The glue bottles stand up in the large compartment, and I put the pencils and scissors in little cups in the smaller compartments.  My first year of teaching, I bought cute plastic juice cups, but those promptly broke that year.  Since then, I've transitioned to recyclables.  If they get nasty, I can easily replace!

My favorites are yogurt containers for the scissors and Welches frozen juice containers for the pencils.

I bought pretty grey and white chevron contact paper from Amazon {you can find it here!}  I like this because it has grid lines on the back that make cutting it a snap!

After measuring and cutting, I just wrapped it around my containers.  They instantly look better!  I could try to remove the painted on labels with acetone {like this pin}, but I don't have acetone and It doesn't bother me that the old labels show through a tiny bit.  

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How do you organize your shared supplies?