Hawaiian Teacher Blog Hop, Sale, and a FREEBIE!

I am linking up with my favorite Hawaiian teacher bloggers to bring you Hawaii-exclusive freebies! 

 This week marks my one year anniversary of living on Lanai!  Just like Audrey's swim shirt from my favorite surf shop on Maui says, This Ain't the Mainland!  

And really, they are right!  Our kids look different, talk different, and grow up different.  Our schools have our own set of content and character building standards, and we even have our own unique Hawaiian culture and traditions to teach in schools.  While we love teaching products we buy on TpT, some things just have to be customized to work in our classrooms.

That being said, I have created a set of standard sheets to fit with April McNair's amazing Chevron Chic teacher planner.  I blogged about how my planner is coming along here.  

April has given me permission to share them with you!  I made standard sheets for grades K-3rd.  Just print, hole-punch, and add to your teacher binder.  This will help you check off your list as you plan each quarter!  Click any cover to take you over to Google Drive.

And not to leave out my mainland (and global!) readers, my entire store will be on sale today and tomorrow! :)  Head on over to score your 20% off deals!  I have several tropical and summer products that would be perfect for Back to School!
Button made by Corinna Gandara

And one more goody - My Hawaiian Color Posters are free ONLY TODAY!
Here mine are, hung up with our Hawaiian Anuenue (Rainbow) crafts.

Click the picture below to download from TpT!

To continue on this hop, stop by my girl Angelia's blog, Extra Special Teaching, to snag her Hawaii-exclusive freebie and see her sale!!


  1. I want to be a Hawaii teacher!!! :) Melissa

  2. Yeah, I want to be a Hawaii teacher too! Can we do a teacher-exchange for a week?

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. I love Hawaii!! My husband and I have visited the last 4 summers. I would love to teach there...I'll live vicariously through your blog:).


  4. I love your little Hawaiian blog hop!!! Such a cute idea!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  5. Thank you. I love the posters and the Hawaiian Blog Hop=)
    Lisa L.
    TGIF- Third Grade Is Fun

  6. I love love the color posters! Thank you!!! Will you be posting your CAFE headers to your shop soon?? Thanks so much!!! :)


  7. Wow! The things you learn reading blogs. It makes sense that Hawaii would have its own content and standards but I never thought of about it. I bet there is a rich history on those islands to go along with the sun and surf. I would love to teach in Hawaii.

    1. Please come and teach in Hawaii. You might make more at BK, but you won't have half the fun.

  8. I will be visiting Oahu during Spring Break. I jokingly told some coworkers that I wonder if they need Special Ed teachers. Now, I'm thinking that might not be such a joke! I love my job and teach with wonderful people, but Hawaii, it is not! Congratulations to you or y'all as we say here in Texas. :)