How to Spray Paint Table Caddies

Remember when I made the recyclable organization?  Well, I'm back with a little tutorial for you on spray painting my old table caddies!

First, I gathered my supplies:
  • Spray paint in a cute color
  • Primer spray paint
  • An old Amazon box
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Old clean rag
Then, I freaked out because I haven't been successful at spray painting things in the past.  What if I mess up?  What if it looks terrible?  So, I watched a simple YouTube video to ease my fears and told myself that I can do this!

After watching the video and collecting supplies, I got to work.

1. Scuff up the table caddy with the sand paper.  This will help the paint stick to it better.  Wipe it clean with the rag.

2. Lay the caddy on the box and spray completely with the primer.  This will help cover up the old color.

3. After it is dry, scuff it up again with the sand paper.  Wipe it clean with the rag.  

4. Lay the caddy on the box again and spray with your chosen color.  Using short strokes like in the video, it should come out nice.  Mine had a little drippage on the bottom, but I didn't care.  It was the bottom!  And what kid is going to be seriously distraught over it?  No one.  

5.  Let it dry completely and put your supplies inside of it. Ta-dah!  A beautiful, new-to-you, table basket that matches your room decor!

Hmmm, now what else can I spray paint?  Maybe I'll do my old book baskets next! :)


  1. Seems so easy. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Awesome! My caddies will not match my classroom theme this year. So glad I saw this, now I'll be painting mine as well! Thank you for sharing!

  3. That turned out just awesome! I have the multi-color thing going on with my table caddies...but I've been wishing I could go with a single color (a la advice from Schoolgirl Style)! You may have just convinced me! Thanks for the tutorial!!

    Primary Inspired

    1. You are welome, Brenda! I may have a slight obsession with Schoolgirl Style ;)

  4. This couldn't have been more perfect timing! I picked up 5 of these free at a yard sale this morning and I want to paint them since they are a milky/clear white. I haven't had much success with spray painting but this post has made me want to tackle the challenge!

    The Polished Teacher

    1. You go! Make sure to use some primer and some sand paper. You will do great!

  5. You made it super simple thanks. It's a great idea. Do you have a tutorial on modepode (I know I am not even spelling that right, too early)???

  6. I tried painting mine all apple green (I bought paint for plastic with a built in primer) but they didn't work. It took me one can for 1 caddy. I took all of the paint back to Lowe's and they gave me a full refund, even for the empty can:) I ended up buying 4 new ones from Hobby Lobby and I'm going to use one of mine from last year.

    Perhaps I should have used sand paper to help me out!


  7. LOVE it, love a matchy matchy room :)
    I'm trying book baskets!

  8. How does the paint stay on there with time? Did it start to scratch, or did kids scratch it off deliberately?

    1. Hi Amy,
      There are a couple chips in the paint, but this summer I plan to sand down those spots and re-paint. I just needed one orange basket, and could not find one online that I liked, so this was a great option for me!