Comb Binding Ideas for the Classroom

Congrats to Hilary for winning the comb binder from My Binding!

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Even though there was only one winner, we can still get some great ideas from everyone!  I've compiled the list of ways to use a comb binder in the classroom, and I have to say that it is one great list!

  • Class-made books
  • Lesson plan books for yourself, a teacher's aide, or a volunteer
  • Doodle books
  • Student published books
  • Morning work books
  • Student of the Week books
  • "My Letter" books for each letter of the alphabet
  • State books for each State
  • Personal spelling books
  • Sight Word books
  • Fluency Books
  • Song Books
  • Poetry Books
  • Leveled books for students to read
  • Science themed journals
  • Individual writing journals
  • Calendar journals
  • Vocabulary journals
  • Phonics journals
  • Picture dictionaries
  • Student portfolios
  • Handprint Calendars for parent Christmas Gifts
  • Year-long scrap book to keep as a momento at the end fo the year
  • "My Year of Progress" books for parents

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