What We've Been Up To

Here are some things that have been going on in my classroom the past couple of weeks!

Interactive Math Notebooks from my friend Yvonne Crawford!

Here is the activity on fact families.  It's a great introduction for each standard.

Doubles Dude - from Amy Lemon's Addition Strategy pack!

How To Make a Snowman writing from Sweet Sensations.

And my class has been LOVING our Fun Friday board.  I saw this idea on my friend A Teeny Tiny Teacher's blog.  It's such a smart system.  And it works for inside recess, too! It was raining once last week and the vice principal came to my room to watch the kids so I could go check my mailbox and run to the copy room real quick.  When I got back, the kids were telling her all about the Fun Friday board and she was so impressed! The kids get out all the supplies, move through the activities independently, and clean up - all on their own.  Fun Friday is my favorite 30 minutes of the week! Thank you Teeny!

Games on Laptops.  I set up a free Portaportal page that has lists of links all organized by subject.  They get to play whatever game they want from the page on Fun Friday.

Cars and Legos.  Favorites for the boys. I got the Legos at Amazon.  They were cheaper than Walmart and Toys R Us!  The cars are a collection of Tonka tractors and wooden cars from when my son was little.

These girls picked Math Manipulatives and are building with Magnatiles.

These girls picked art.  They are painting with watercolors.

It's been busy around here! But we still manage to squeeze in some fun.  What has your class been up to during the past couple of weeks?

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