Color Mixing Fun

This month my class has been working on color mixing.  This is one of our fine arts standards.

I made this sign to hang with my student work so my principal and any visitors can see we are working on standards.

We started off by watching Mouse Paint on YouTube.  I couldn't find my book, so the video was second best.  I used these directions to download the video at home the night before since my school blocks YouTube.

After the book, we did some color mixing with this freebie from Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business.

Then we made some color wheels from Mrs. Brown's Art.  I've actually made this project for the past four years: in 3rd grade, 2nd grade, and now 1st grade.  

The original project has the kids make bubble letters.  Some of my 2nd graders had problems with this last year, so I decided to make die cut letters for the 1st graders.  This way, they could trace the die cuts and not feel frustrated.    

Unfortunately, the teacher on my team who ordered art supplies for the grade level last year bought really cheap watercolors.  They are not very vibrant.  In the future, I'll make sure to order my own so I can get my favorite, Crayola.  
I like trays of 8 colors for students to use on their own.

Or trays of 16 for two students to share.

 How do you teach art lessons like color mixing?

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