Dollar Saving Teachers

I teamed up with Teacher Created Resources to bring you some fun projects that you can make with their accents and inexpensive items from places like the Dollar Tree.

Unfortunately, we don't have a dollar store on Maui, so I went to the next best place: Walmart! I ended up making 4 different items and have plans for one more.

TCR sent me 3 different items to play around with.  I requested aqua chevron straight border trim, sassy circle letters, and chevrons and dots library pockets.

First I made little containers for my classroom.  I started with Better Homes and Garden brand kitchen canisters for about $5.  I taped in a piece of border and slid in the labels.  I made one for Starbursts to give kids when they level up on our Super Improvers Wall (read about mine here).  I also made one for those little pencil cap erasers. 

I actually made them in the car as we drove to Lahaina to eat dinner at Kobe Steakhouse, a cute little Teppanyaki place that my kids and hubby just LOVE! 

Here are my supplies on my lap: canisters, border, tape, and labels.

Here they are on my kidney table.  I love how the came out!

My next project was little gifts for my team on the first day of school! I started with yellowy plastic plant holders that I picked up for 78 cents.  Then added heather plants for $2.50.  I also bought a small bag of potting soil.  I taped the border around the planter and taped the label onto it, too.   These labels are also included in the freebie set that I linked above.

You can also see my name poster that I made on the table.  My principal asked us to make posters to hold up on the first day so students can find us.  I used the sassy letters and a piece of tagboard.  I also printed out some sea creature clipart to glue to the chart.  Too bad I didn't get a better picture! 

I also used the sassy letters to create my first day frame.  I bought the biggest frame I could find.  This one was just under $20.  I put colored masking tape on the frame to add some color.  Then I taped on my letters.  I've always wanted to make one of these frames.  I'm so glad I finally did! Look at this little cutie!

My last project is actually for one of my teammates.  She saw my iHelp jobs chart and LOVED it! 
This is from my class last year :)

You just take a piece of black foam core board and a piece of white tagboard to create the large iPad.  Then glue on cute library pockets (like TCR's dots and chevron!) and attach the job cards with velcro dots so you can change them out when you want.  You put students names, numbers, or pictures on popsicle sticks and slide them in the pockets.  You can check out my jobs chart labels here.


  1. i love that you made that in your car! haha! everything you did was super cute!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach
    A Splash of Life Blog

  2. I love your blog style. Where did you get the clip art for the pom poms that are hanging??? Also Love Love LOVE the labels for the starburst container. Absolutely going to make that!!!

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