Back to School - What I Use

As most of you know, I start back to school tomorrow.  I worked so hard in my room these past couple weeks and of course I don't feel ready.  It will come together for me, but all I care right now is that the space is clean and organized for the kids, which it is.  When thinking about planning for back to school, I've prepped some super fun activities for my new little firsties.  And lucky for you, you can pick them up in the next few days in the TpT sale!

Stephanie's Back to School Bash for 1st grade has many fun activities for the first week.  There is an activity for the book Enemy Pie that I will do.  And a "How We Get To School" graph for the first day of math.  I also printed and copied the First Week Journal that kids will complete throughout the week.  I think it will be a great filler activity in case the lessons I planned don't take as long as I had thought.  It's always good to have something that that in your back pocket! 

Halle's Bully Book Pack is so awesome for teaching about friendship, acceptance, and sticking up for others.  We'll be doing activities for the books Mean Jean the Recess Queen, Hooway for Wodney Wat, and the Juice Box Bully.  I've already got our juice boxes copied on Astrobrights paper, you can see here and enter to win a box of colored paper! 

Susan's First Week Fun pack has an awesome activity that goes with the book My Mouth is a Volcano, which is all about blurting out.  And since I live in Hawaii, the kids LOVE making the volcano craft! 

Tracy's Take a Walk in Their Shoes unit is perfect for teaching rules and procedures! I'm going to introduce some scenarios whole group, then have the kids work in pairs to figure some out, as well.  

Susan's All About Me unit has some great activities for Back to School!  I love the Meet the Class book.  My class last year would read it over and over all year long! 

Over in my store, I have a whole section of Back to School items, many of which are hanging up in my room as we speak! 

What's in your cart for back to school?

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