What My Classroom REALLY Looks LIke!

I'm linking up with Jennifer over at Teaching With Grace to share pictures of what my classroom REALLY looks like!  When I take pictures of my products or fun things we are doing, I often tidy up first.  But, as you know, a messy classroom means that children are learning!

Here is my document cart: document camera, elmo, speakers, iPod chargers, locking safe for iPods and iPad, then various teaching supplies in the plastic containers.

Here is my carpet area.  Closet slightly open, Dr. Pepper on the ground, markers and books shoved in pockets, new CAFE strategy not hung on the wall yet.

Here is my teacher corner.  Piles of copies to be made, masters to be filed, work to be graded, coffee and Shakeology to drink, scarf I had to take off because it got too hot!

What does your classroom really look like?


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I'm so glad people are being brave enough to show the REAL classroom!!

    Teaching with Grace

  2. Hahaha. LOVE this linky! Your room looks good next to mine, Glad my kidney table isn't the only one cluttered with papers :P I think I'll have to link up!!

    1. I'm pretty sure its a rule to have multiple piles on a kidney table ;)

  3. I think I'm almost too scared to show my room!! I'm looking at it now, and can't see ANYTHING in it's correct place! My kids are hopeless at cleaning up after themselves. At least they are cool kids!

    The E-Z Class

    1. That's all that matters, Erin! Happy kids who are learning. I bet your room isn't that bad :)