Classroom Friendly Supplies {freebie}

Last year, I posted an adorable video of my son using the Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener.  You can go see that here.

All my students love using that pencil sharpener, but every time there is a new parent helper or a sub, they just can't figure it out.  Adults, I tell ya ;)

So, I made this simple poster with pictures and directions on how to use it.  Click the picture and you can download from Google Drive.  I took these pictures last spring, before I painted all my bookshelves black.  So sorry about all that peeling paint.  Yuck!

And here is my new pink sharpener in my pencil area! <3

Pencil cans are Welches frozen grape juice containers covered with contact paper.  I need to cover that Almond Roca can with colored pencils, too!  I don't remember where the "No Picky Pencils" sign is from, so if you know, please tell me!

What's your favorite pencil sharpener?


  1. Love the directions poster! Great for all those who aren't in the know ;) and want to help out.

    What I Have Learned

  2. I just got my Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener a few months ago... It has seriously changed my life!!

    Mr. First Grade

    1. Isn't it funny that a little thing like a pencil sharpener can make such a difference in a teacher's life??? :)

  3. I have a Classroom Friendly Supplies sharper and at first, I hated it! The little attachment thing did not work at all and it didn't sharpen. So I left it on the shelf until this year when I really needed a sharp pencil. I don't know what happened, but it works so great now! It's like magic. The little attachment thing still doesn't work at all, but the sharpener works brilliantly! Love it!

    1. I don't like the attachment thing, either, that's why I just hold it. If you look at my video from last year, my 1st grade son holds on to it and is able to sharpen the pencils just fine. I'm so glad it works for you, now!

  4. Thanks for sharing the visual. I do not have a pencil sharpener that I love, so I am hoping to get one of these! :)

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  5. Love this! Thank you! I bought one of these pencil sharpeners about a month ago, and my students are struggling remembering how to use it. This is going to be perfect! =)

  6. I laughed out loud when I read this! EVERY adult who uses this (or tires to), "breaks" it. It's so frustrating! I'm going to print this and post immediately on the wall above the sharpener. Thank you for this.
    Tricia (Bookish Ways in Math and Science)