Calendar Starter Set and a FREEBIE!

I started off my new year with a calendar makeover!  I began the school year with a lonely, blue pocket chart and it needed some love!

My old school had a specific calendar program, but my new school does not.  I struggled the few months coming up with a routine that worked for me, met the needs of my kids, and was fun an engaging.  I created this Calendar Starter Set to share with you what I've created so far!  The starter set helps get your calendar all ready:

  • Week day cards
  • Month cards with and without pictures
  • Year cards
  • Number cards to correspond with the month (1 for January, 2 for February, etc)
  • Holiday cards
  • No School cards
  • Birthday cards  

Then are are other printables for activities that go along with the calendar:

  • Songs
  • Weather graph
  • Today's Date cards and sign
  • Daily News chart for writing a daily message
  • Days in School chart to count up each day and practice place value

I started this new set on January 3rd, our first day back from Winter Break and the kids are loving the new look and new routines!

I also updated my Place Value calendar pieces and my 3-D Shapes calendar pieces.  Check them out, too!

When you look at the Calendar Starter Set, make sure to download the Preview.  I included a freebie calendar song just for you!

What do you do for calendar?  Does your school have a calendar program or do you make yours up like I have?


  1. These are adorable. We don't have time for calendar this year because we go to two separate computer labs for more intense independent work. It is working, but I missing starting the day with a calendar routine! I have pinned you EVERYWHERE!
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    1. Oh bummer! We make calendar fast, but the kids won't let me forget it! They love it! Thanks so much for the pins, friend :)

  2. Hi!
    I love your materials! Awesome and creative...I can't find the calendar song freebie. I went to the calendar set, but couldn't locate it! help!
    Thank you...
    Lorna in Seal Beach

    1. If you download the preview of the Calendar Starter Set, it's the second page of the download. The first page is an overview of everything that's in the set and the second page is the song. Hope that helps!

  3. Wow! Awesome materials. My school has been using Calendar Math for many years. I've always had trouble fitting it all in in the 15 minutes they say it takes. Currently I don't use it with my 3rd graders. The set we have doesn't really align with the CCSS. I'm waiting for something new!! I've been using Number of the Day as morning work. I like it because the skills are repetitive. They need the practice! Thanks for sharing!
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    1. I love Number of the Day! What version do you use?

  4. Of course! Thanks for following along!