Seat Sacks

I've shared before how much I love using Seat Sacks in my classroom.

Back when I taught in Oregon, I started using book covers as seat sacks.  They worked ok, but since they were so stretchy, only a few things could go in them.  Here, I am using them in my 2nd grade class on Lanai for a couple folders.

Last year in 1st grade, I used the amazing Seat Sacks.  They are made out of heavy duty fabric and even have a clear sleeve for a name tag.  I had the students keep their homework binder in them.  

 This year in 5th grade, I'm using Seat Sacks again.  This time I opted for the larger sized Seat Sack Plus for the bigger chairs.  They have two extra smaller pockets and also came with a pencil pouch!

My students do not have assigned seats this year, so I love the extra storage that the seat sacks provide.  My kids need access to their homework binders throughout the day because that's where they put papers to go home.  After switching to these heavy duty sacks, there's no way I would ever go back to book cover pockets! 

Lucky for you, Michelle at Seat Sacks is offering a 20% discount for you! Just use the code 20TEACH at checkout.  You won't regret it! 

And for all you Hawaii teachers, I updated my HCPS III standards to now include 3rd grade! Go re-download from Google Drive! 5th grade is finished, but I'm just waiting to finish up 4th grade before posting all grades K-5.  Thanks for being patient with me! 

 Do you use seat sacks or other organizational tools?

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