Hot Cocoa!

When the weather gets cool (yes, even in Hawaii!), my kids love to bundle up with a hot cup of cocoa.  At my new school, my teammates love to introduce and review math skills with craftivities, so I had to make one using hot cocoa mugs for the winter season!

The students will create a cocoa mug craft, then decide how many marshmallows they want to be inside the mug and how many they want dripping down the side.
Then, they will read the word problem and write their numbers into the blanks.  At the end, they will write a subtraction sentence that matches the craft.  On my sample, I had 7 marshmallows in total, with 4 in the mug and 3 melting down the side, so 7-3=4.  On Joshua's mug below, he had 9 total marshmallows, with 5 in the mug and 4 melting down the side, so 9-4=5.  

My school is big on including rubrics and descriptive feedback on student work that is hung in the classroom.  Because of this, I included rubrics with I Can Statements and a place for comments.  This can go below the mug, or even on the back of the work.

The I Can Statements are included for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. 

My class has been working on Lisa's Print Think and Color no-prep winter pack for extra homework or quick center reinforcement.  And I stumbled on this page - it's a perfect follow up sheet for my craft! The kids color the mugs, then solve the problems on the marshmallows, color them, and glue them on the mug that is the answer.  As students finished up their mug crafts, they worked on this page.  It was perfect! Lisa and I must have been on the same wave-length! :)

Do you have any fun winter projects planned for when you get back from break?


  1. This is adorable! Great way to incorporate real world situations. :) Will think about using this for next year!

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  2. Very clever and educational! Smiles and stop by anytime!