New Classroom!

Before I left on vacation, I was able to sneak into my new classroom to see what it looks like.  Everything is pushed to the side right now for summer cleaning, but I was happy to see that the teacher before me left it clean and cute!

Cute Word Wall.  I love the thick ribbon that she taped around the cabinets.  It defines the space and adds color to those drab cabinets! 

I love these shelves for poster and art paper storage.  Maybe I will put my writing center on top of this.

A big projector screen, a tv under that sheet, student desks and a round table, filing cabinet.

A number line is hanging along the top of the wall, borders and paper are up on the boards so I don't have to change that right away, a wooden shelf for manipulatives is behind all those boxes, a comfortable teacher chair and desk (not sure I want to keep the desk, though!).

A cute TpT laminated set of number posters (I need to find which seller made them!), bulletin boards that don't match, but they look good.  I won't have to change them immediately.

Here is a close up of those cute number posters.  Perfect for 1st grade!

More ribbon to dress up the boring cabinets.  I am just loving this idea! I may have to change out some of the colors, though.  I also am loving the sunny yellow countertops.  I'm sure in certain settings it can scream "70's!" but in a classroom, it is totally workable. 

So happy that my room has ceiling fans!! It can get HOT in Maui! 

There you have it! My before pictures.  Not too shabby.  I can definitely work with this! I get back home from our long vacay next week, so hopefully I'll get some time to start organizing and crafting in my new room.  I can't wait to show you the new decor I've chosen! 


  1. I wish my school had fans! Do you have AC too or just the fans? I love those number posters. I can't believe some of the stuff she left behind that awesome for you! We have to totally clear out the room with absolutely no decorations on it before we switch classes. Our principal checks before we leave. Good luck decorating your new room!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. The teacher before you was definitely a TPT shopper! You're lucky to have great things to start with, instead of a completely empty classroom, or one filled with junk :-). The possibilities are endless! ~ Lisa

  3. Fans in the classroom, I am jealous! I love the number posters, they are adorable.
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  4. I'm moving to a new school/classroom this year too. I think your room looks like it has quite a bit of storage. My new school is very old, so I am hoping to paint the walls to give it a little life. I have fans in my room too! I love using them. I can't wait to see what you do with the room!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. I love that number set. If you find the TPT seller, pleas let me know. I'd love to get a set. Enjoy your new classroom.

  6. Your new room looks awesome. So much potential! I am happy I get to go back to the room I had last year. It will great to get in and get it ready!

  7. I still have to put up my pictures too! I'm jealous of your counter. I like the yellow. It makes a white & brown room pop :)

  8. Looks like you have a great space to work in this year! I'm looking forward to seeing your "after" photos. Please share the seller of the number posters if you're able to find him/her.

  9. I think I may have found the number posters. Is it Black Dot Numbers 0-30 Posters (Ten Frames, Tallies, Base Ten) by First Class Teacher Resources?

  10. I've never seen a classroom with fans! I could really use them in the summers. They turn the AC off in our school in the summer. I'm looking forward to seeing your room when you get done!


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