Summer Book Study for Teachers

If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram, then you will know that I am hosting a Summer Book Study right here on the blog around the book Teaching With Intention by Debbie Miller (click to purchase from Amazon).

I've partnered with Concordia University to bring you an amazing opportunity to earn college credits just for your participation! It only costs $127 - isn't that amazing??  This is a great way to earn more credits and move up your district's pay scale! Make sure to tell your colleagues, the more the merrier!  I'll have more information about earning graduate credits in my next post - promise! 
*Graduate credit is not required for participating - you can follow along for free, as well! :)

There are 8 chapters in this book, so we will focus on 2 chapters a week.  Each week I will post questions and printables for you to add to your very own interactive notebook.  To join, all you have to do is add your thoughts in the comments, or write a blog post if you are a blogger and link up on the weekly linky party. I can't wait to get the discussion started and see what you all think! 

Before we begin, you will need to make your notebook! 

  • Composition book - I got a cute one at OfficeMax
  • Glue - I used ModPodge, since I'm bringing my journal on vacation and wanted it to stay nice
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • White or colored paper - I used AstroBrights brand colored paper
  • Printer
  • Downloadable printables from above

The coffee is optional ;)

First I chose the cover I wanted from the download, printed it, cut it out, and glued it to the front of my journal with ModPodge and a small foam brush.

Then I printed out the tabs page on yellow.  I cut out and glued the "What Do I Value?" header to the first page in my journal.

Next, I cut out and taped the tabs to my pages.  I put tape on the front and the back of each tab to ensure stability.  My journal has 100 pages: I allowed 4 pages per tab, then all the rest are for the Daily Reflection tab at the end.

Here is my journal all completed.  

Go ahead and get started! Make sure to order the book and my first post will be next week! See you then! 


  1. Love Debbie Miller, and love that you are facilitating this book study. Looking forward to reading along with everyone.

  2. I'm using this book for my PDP next year! I'm so excited I found this! Can't wait to get started!

  3. I love Debbie Miller so I would love to participate in this book study!

  4. This sounds great! How do we sign up for credit?

  5. This sounds doable!! How do we sign up for the credit part of the book study?

  6. This is fantastic! Can't wait to sign up for credit. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for hosting this great opportunity!!
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

  7. Looking forward to this! Can you tell me when you plan on starting so I know when to look.

    Thanks so much!