Five for Friday - on Saturday

Ok, I'm pulling a move I learned from Teeny and I'm posting my Five for Friday on Saturday!  Whoops!  I'm off to run in the Maui Color Run tomorrow, so I've been busy making tutus and cutting up tshirts! :)

I'm loving our Hawaiian bulletin board.  We colored the islands their official colors and learned about the official lei flowers.  I'll post a freebie about it soon!
(Lucky We Live Hawaii is a popular hashtag around here.  I've already had one student tell me that I forgot the word "in" - yay!  They know complete sentences! ;)

Here is my daughter helping painting over spring break!  She chose the pink Lokelani Rose for Maui.

My kids' cheap dresser from Ikea bit the dust, so we gave the kids our dresser and have been living with our clothes on the floor, on the couch, and in hampers.  It's been fun - NOT!  I was able to buy a dresser for $20 and I painted it a pretty blue over spring break and changed out the knobs with ones that were leftover from our kitchen.  I want to paint whimsical waves on the front.  Definitely not chic like our last bedroom set, but I love how it's turning out! 

I'm running in the Maui Color Run tomorrow! Five of my best girl friends and I are running on a team we named The Sharkbows.  We decided that it would sound scary ('cause we're gonna win!) and also sweet (who doesn't love a rainbow?)  No, really, we're doing it for fun.  We made bright colored tutus, freezer paper and fabric painted cute sharks on t-shirts, then cut the shirts up to make them fitted workout shirts, and bought these awesome headbands.

Wish us luck!

My class has been busy working on measurement these past couple of weeks and had the awesome opportunity to teach a fun Frog Leap lessons from Hippo Hooray for Second Grade

There is a Blog Hop going on tomorrow and you'll get to read all about it! Make sure to come back in the morning :)

I'm participating in the Spring Cleaning Sale going on this weekend!  Go through your purchases, make feedback to collect credits, then clean out your wishlist to pick up some awesome lessons!  


  1. I like the color of the dresser- but I love how proud she is of her picture!! Too cute!

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