Five For Friday

Here is a peek into my classroom this week for Five for Friday!

1.  Here is my language arts anchor wall.  We are learning about the writing process and also root words from the Reading Olympians.

2.  Here is my class in their homemade plumeria leis right before our May Day performance!
Read all about May day {here}.  My school is not that hard core ;)

3.  My class is studying ecology and conservation, so we are, of course, doing Teacher to the Core's Easy Ecology unit!

Here I am, demonstrating how to write the world's boringest essay.  

4. Here is my calendar wall.  I used Hadar's schedule cards, my Calendar Starter set, and a couple of pocket charts from the 1980's.

5.  I will leave you with my kiddos and one of the 5th grade teachers dancing in the moonlight of Lanai.  This happens all the time, don't worry!

How was your week?


  1. Love that you were up late posting your 5 for Friday, too! I just got mine up finally. Dancing in the moonlight seems like a great way to spend Friday night!

    Extra Special Teaching

  2. I love your anchor chart wall - what an awesome way to display them all at once for your kiddos to reference. I need a space like that in my classroom. Your calendar area is very cute too - I love the bunting!

    Dancing in the moonlight? I love it! :)

    Joy in the Journey