Teaching Money

My class is currently working on money right now: adding money, making change, and solving word problems involving money!

Our math program does a good job covering whole group lessons, but I needed some things to help beef up my math work stations.  

Counting out some coins with our whole group lesson

Enter The Teacher's Cauldron...

She has two awesome money packs full of games and activities!

Here we are playing some of the games!

Making a spinner with a pencil and a paperclip!

Playing a game on the carpet.

 We also did this game that I found as a freebie on Peterson's Pad.  You just need a dice, game markers (I use teddy bear counters), and some coins to count out.

The other way I'm working on counting money and skip counting is by using a classroom economy.  I picked up this awesome unit from Surfin' Through Second.  My class is nuts about it!  We still use our clip chart, but throwing some money into the mix just helps the kids stay more engaged.  I'm loving it so much!!

Here are my two bankers cashing in student paychecks.  They love using the date stamp!

I also made this Fine Jar.  When they clip down for misbehavior, they have to pay me $5! I made this out of a carmel corn jar and used a kitchen knife and kitchen scissors to cut the slit.  Then I covered it in green contact paper, cut letters from card stock on my Cricut, and adhered them with ModPodge.  When students end the day with their clip above green, they get an extra $10 and a raffle ticket.  At the end of the week, I pick a ticket and one of them will win the whole pot of money!  

Corinna suggested to make origami wallets to keep our money in, so we did!

Check out this video for directions.  I showed it to my class and we would watch, pause, make, then watch again!  It was perfect!

How do you like to teach money?


  1. Aww, your classroom looks so fun! I love your money jar. I may have to revamp mine for next year! Mahalo for the shout out, I am so happy you love it:))

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Your Beach Bucks was a MAJOR hit this year! The kids and I both loved it! The only thing that was hard was writing checks for 28 kids every Friday. Sometimes I didn't get to it until Tuesday. Oops!

  2. I am not a teacher, but I have a son. To teach my son about money I took him to garage sales. Every Saturday we would get up early and head out to local garage sales. My son would bring a sack of money that he earned from doing chores around the house. He was allowed to buy anything he wanted as long as he counted the money out exactly and paid for it himself. Garage sales are great for this because there are no lines and no pressure. My son would count pennies, nickles and dimes. No Bills allowed... No handing a hand full of money and waiting for someone to count it out or hand him change... It was always funny when we went to Target the next day and my son would see a board game for $20.00 that he bought for a quarter the day before. He would say WOW! That was a great deal- I save $19.75. And I would smile... It works!

    1. Great idea! I love the idea of having him count out the money! I'll have to try that with my son!

  3. My former mentor teacher used to "pay" her students each day based on their conduct AND their attendance. The hard part was teaching them to make change but once they figured it out those students were "buying" fun opportunities and prizes. Those kiddos really knew their coins!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. My kids got really good, too! They had to pay for use the bathroom or get a drink during class time and had to make change from bigger bills. Then on shopping days they had to count all their money. It was hard, but they did it!