Class Made Books

I love making books with my class.  When I taught kinder, we made one every week!  By the end of the year, I auctioned them off for the students to take home.  They were ecstatic to get to keep them!

Class books are great for writing opinions about books (common core standard W.2.1!), writing to a prompt, and also publishing.  One year I submitted one of our class books to Student Treasures (read about it from Laura Candler) and we gifted our hard cover book to the library.  Now students can check out our book!  So cool!

This year in 2nd, I won't do a book a week, but I do plan to make several.  The first book we made was an ABC book with all of our names.  It was a great way for students to get to know each other and to get silly with the prompt.

We started by reading the story A, My Name Is Alice by Jane Bayer.  The kids love it - especially since the H animal lives in Hawaii! :)

Here are all of our pages laid out, ready to be alphabetized.

Some sample student pages.
E, my name is Evelyn and my friend's name is Emily.  I like to eat eggplant and I like to play with Easter eggs.

R, my name is Reece and my friend's name is Ryan.  I like to eat raw fish and I like to play with race cars.

J, my name is Joe and my friend's name is Jaymon.  I like to eat jello and I like to play with juggling balls.
You can head over to my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store and grab a copy of this ready-to-go class book!

Do you make class books in your room?  Do you kids love it as much as mine do?


  1. Such a cute idea!!
    I would love to make class books but I just haven't!! :)
    Thanks for this resource!
    Sweet Times in First

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Sandra! Class books are so fun, I hope you are able to do this one! :)