Back To School Sale!

I am throwing a 20% off sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store on Sunday, August 12th and Monday, August 13th!

If you use this code: BTS12, you can get an additional 10% off, making your total savings 28% off!  What a great deal!

Here are some new units I just posted:

What To Do When You Are Finished classroom visual

My students are always saying, "Teacher, I'm done, what do I do?" (Even though I have told eight-one them times what they can do - they still ALWAYS ask!)  By choosing one of these four color schemed posters (with two different sayings), laminating it, sticking on hook-and-loop circles, and posting it on a bulletin board for the whole class to see, I can stick up activity cards for activities that the students can do when they are done.  There are over 30 different activities, including reading, writing, computers, and toys.  Since I've used this in my classroom, kids do not ask me anymore what they can do, because all I do is silently point to the poster.  It's a win-win for everyone! :)

I used this coloring sheet this year on the very first day of school.  I set it out on each student's desk and they got to color it and draw themselves sitting in their desk after they found their name tag, put away their backpack, and got settled it.  It was a great way for kids to stay busy as I met all the new students, chatted with parents, and took in supplies.  For this new Teachers Pay Teachers product, I made sheets that say "Welcome to Kindergarten," "Welcome to First Grade," and "Welcome to Second Grade."

What are you planning on buying in the Back to School sale?

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