Winner, Winner!

1. The winner of of my new Amphibian Unit  is #1877 Yvonnee Gaynor!

Just Wild About Teaching

2. The winner of the Polka-Dot Theme Set from Just Wild About Teaching is #1413 Cathy!

3. The winner of the Complete Dolch Sight Word Packet - 220 Dolch Sight Words from Mrs. Stanford's Class is #1900 Mi He!

4. The winner of the Addition Wheels AND Subtraction Wheels from Tales From Outside the Classroom is #238 Katie!

It's LMN Tree
5. The winner of the Busy Bees from It's LMN Tree is #1445 Suzzanne Horton!

6. The winner of Dictionary Dig and The 'Saurus: Excavating Wonderful Words from One Extra Degree is #319 Sally Bondelevitch DeCost!

Kindergarten Korner
7. The winner of the  Beginning Alphabet Sounds pack from Kindergarten Korner is #1521 Heidi!

Kindergarten Smiles
8. The winner of the Kindergarten Smiles is giving away her Awesome Words for Inspiring Authors from Kindergarten Smiles is #934 Kelly Hall!


9. The winner of the Mega Classroom Pack from Dilly Dabbles is #1736 Cathy Park!

10. The winner of the Graphic Organizer pack from Kleinspiration is #1418 Cathy!

Fabulously First
11. The winner of the Zany Zebras Math Centers from Fabulously First is #710 Nichole Dirks!

12. The winner of the Scoopin' Up Beginning Fractions, Decimals, and Percents from Journeys of a Substitute Teacher is #1608 Valerie Munoz!

13. The winner of the Alphabet Letters with Character clipart from The 3AM Teacher is #1106 Liz Sheils Howard!

14. The winner of the Writer's Workshop Collection from Elementary Matters is #1188 Karen Lotz!

Innovative Connections

Teaching in the Early Years
16. The winner of the Under the Sea Number Sense Task Cards from Teaching in the Early Years is #1072 Cathy VerSteeg!

17. The winner of the Writing and Discussion Prompt Cards from Minds in Bloom is #1370 Debbie Murphy Morga!

18. The winner of the Bee Math Work Station Activities, Numbers 11-20 from A Special Kind of Class is #1143 Kristin B!

Mandy's Tips for Teachers

19. The winner of the Geometry Fun Supplemental Unit from Mandy's Tips For Teachers is #1894 Markeeta!

20. The winner of the Buggy For Blends Literacy Packet from The Teacher's Treasure Chest is #1347 Meredith Mitchell!

21. The winner of the Parent Night Teacher Toolbox from Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade is #1215 Susanne Powell!

HoJo's Teaching Adventures
22. The winner of the Multiplication Magic Squares from Hojo's Teacher Store is #807 Lori Archer!

Teaching With Love and Laughter

23. The winner of the Irregular Verbs Memory Game from Teaching With Love & Laughter is # 839 Melinda Jackson Baker!

24. The winner of the Missing Numbers Down on the Farm: A Differentiated I-Spy Activity to Meet Common Core Standards from A Differentiated Kindergarten is #1183 Karen Lotz!
No Monkey Business
25. The winner of the Tap Lights Language Bundle from No Monkey Business is #381 Cheryl Gaudiano Ener!

Polkadots and Pencils
26. The winner of the Data & Probability Scoot Game from Polka Dots and Pencils is #1855 Micah Brown!

And for the grand prize

She gets ALL the units and a personal laminator! Congrats!

Congrats to all the winners!  You will get an email shortly with your product!  Thank you to EVERYONE for participating!


  1. Nicole that was one AWESOME giveaway!!!

    ☞Go NuTTY with ME!

  2. Awesome giveaway----and I'm so excited I won the giveaway from Teaching with Love and Laughter! I've already received an email from her....she is ON it! :) Thank you!!!

  3. Woohoo! It was a lucky giveaway for people named Cathy, did you notice that? lol :) So excited to be a winner - thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!

    Cathy VerSteeg

  4. Yay! Thanks so much! Meredith Mitchell