Greater Than/ Less Than

I am in the middle of my fraction unit and I realized that my students need more practice with ordering fractions.  Finding which ones are bigger, smaller, and the same size is tricky!  In addition to practicing with fraction strips, like this one from Super Teacher Worksheets or this one from Nyla's Crafty Teaching, I created a game that pairs of students can play that focuses on Greater Than and Less Than.

Greater Than/ Less Than Monster 

I created a printable and glued it to strips of black tagboard, then laminated it.  With my game, I am using the fraction cards from The Teacher Wife's Fraction Fun unit that I am using to supplement my curriculum.  The game is played like war. Students will move the monster mouth to show who ever's card is bigger.  Since "the little one eats the big one" whoever has the less than card gets to keep both.

You could play this game with playing cards for single digit numbers or make your own cards for double and triple digit numbers, percentages, or decimals.

What other ideas do you have for teaching this skill?  What other fraction activities do you do?


  1. Super cute chompers! I teach 3rd grade too. Stop on by and visit.

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    1. Thanks Denise! I love your blog and have followed along for awhile now. I'm planning on doing your equivalent fraction kites as a fun activity this Friday :)

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    1. Thanks Lindsey! Hope you can use it in your class, too! :)