Happy Organization Day!

Thanks to Pottery Barn, I now know about National Organization Day!

I've been following The Clutter-Free Classroom's Project for a clean and organized classroom.  Here's this week's challenge:

My list of things to do in my classroom:
  • Finish sorting an labeling all my books - having software issues at the moment
  • Go through all the binders in my teacher bookshelf and get rid of ones I don't need/want Done!
  • Go through all the teacher resource books on my baker's rack and get rid of ones I don't need/want Done!
  • Finish my new Math Wall (I LOVE Lindsay's from The Teacher Wife)
  • Hang up Daily 5 posters under my CAFE board - need to find my staple gun!
  • Declutter my whiteboard area - working on it
  • Find better organizing solutions for my closet - Ugh.  I hate the closet
  • Find a better way to store materials I don't need that often - more specifically, find a way so they don't look hideous on the shelves by my front door
  • Get a new set of cubbies so each student has his/her own space - Mr. Principal, pleeeeeeaaaaase!
  • Clean out my desk - it's full of junk!
  • Decide what to do with that broken rainbow cart - what do you all store in those things? P.S. I can't believe they are so expensive!!
So, I have to confess that I haven't gathered any of the supplies for organizing, I've just been making little piles and being really good about putting them away.  When I went through my teacher resource books, I had four piles: 1) Keep, 2) Give away to other teachers, 3) Store in the attic, 4) Recycle.  This was pretty much my system for cleaning out my teacher binders and old curriculum, too, except I added one more pile: 5) Give to the school librarian to be bar-coded for other teachers to check out.  That pile included some old science and social studies Teacher Editions, and some books about teaching art that the previous teacher left behind.  I knew I was not in a place to use those materials right now, and instead of putting them in the school's attic where they will be forgotten about, I figured by putting them in the library, other teachers in the building could use them if they wanted to.

So there's my list and some of my rules.  How has organization been going for you this year?  Making good progress?


  1. I haven't started yet! I hope to on Monday! :) My room needs it so bad. It's functional but since I changed rooms a week before school started, it's not very pretty!
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    1. I also changed rooms this year and had about 2 weeks to get all set up. It was so hard moving all the junk I had collected over the years! It feels really good to be going through this process and cleansing myself of not only the actual stuff, but the guilt that goes along with it (I should be using that, that cost so much money, so-and-so gave that to me, etc). I'm excited to see the changes you make, too! :)

  2. So awesome that you've already started! I haven't started yet but I did go out today and buy 3 large plastic bins for my "keep", "give away", and "sell" items. I am looking forward to the beginning of the purging process!!

    1. It feels so good to get rid of unnecessary stuff, doesn't it?

  3. So inspired by your list! Especially since you've completed some! Good for you!

    Peace, Love and First Grade