Classroom Jobs

Moving up to 3rd grade has been quite the journey for me. For starters, I've never had specific classroom jobs before. Not because I didn't think my firsties could handle it, but because I didn't want to manage one more thing in my classroom.

After searching around, I found a set of classroom jobs that I LOVED.
Here they are (from Pinterest, where else??)
However, I needed to make a few adjustments to make them just right for me. I wanted the corners to be rounded and use a cuter font.  I chose one of my fav fonts right now, DJ Doodlers. 

photo of classroom jobs chart Pinterest

Here you'll see my jobs cards posted by my schedule.  Since the jobs pocket chart doesn't have that handy pocket at the bottom to hold the extra student pictures who don't have a job for the week (I have 12 jobs, but 32 students, so it rotates), I got a magnetic container that is meant for a locker from the dollar store at the beginning of the school year.  When I bought the second pocket chart I didn't realize they were different, then when I did notice, I was too lazy to return it.  Oops!  The schedule cards are from The First Grade Parade.  And I'm sure you'll notice kids didn't arrive until 9:45 today - no that's not how it is everyday.  We have late start Wednesdays so teachers can meet in their PLTs each week.  It's the second year we've done it and it's really nice to have that time with my grade level team.

What kinds of classroom jobs do you use in your classroom?


  1. Glad you like them! Thanks! :)

  2. Great tips everybody. Thanks! I even have a giant colorful sign on my schoolroom that claims 'If not Pine Tree State, who? If not currently, when?'. I refer the kids to the current whenever there's a large number to scrub up, or employment to be done.job chart It's nice to listen to them say it to themselves typically, as they devour a born pencil or one thing (that wasn't even!). I additionally love the method you visit your students as 'friends'. may strive it....